Small storage cabinet with small pull out drawers for stroring watch material and other small items these small plastic cabinets, come in 15 drawers and 16 drawers, these small parts pull plastic drawers are plastic the cabinet are black plastic these are very handy for handy for screws batteries watch glass straps rubber o-rings gaskets bracelets, buckle, bands spring bars and pins.

Small Storage Cabinets 15 and 16 drawers for small drawres watch parts and material plastic.

These small drawer cabinets are ideal thing for storing tiny items in they can be fix to the wall or stind on top of each other with the clear plastis drawer with small plastic devider these are easily placed to sepperat the material that you place in them you can easily fix a lable to watch material, small cabinets, 15 drawers and 16 drawers, for small parts plastic cabinet these small drawers come in very handy for storing screws batteries glass straps bracelets bands, spring bars and a range of other material for sales in the UK EU and the rest of the world.

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T14-1 15 Drawer Storage Boxes Cabinet Plastic Size 230mm x 180mm x 160mm


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T14-2 16 Drawer Storage Boxes Cabinet Plastic Size 220mm x 160mm x 90mm